Dr. Maryam Zeineddin, Founder

Dr. Zeineddin is the founder and chair of Zili Health.

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Callie Bland, Director 

CEO, Executive Coach and Registered Nurse, Coach Callie

Callie Bland (Coach Callie) is an Executive Coach, Registered Nurse and CEO of Coach Callie Consulting Inc. She has over 15 years experience working in both public and private healthcare systems in Canada and the US.  Callie partners with clients to support them in a variety of areas including leadership development, team functioning, effective communication, career transition, personal resilience, and work/life satisfaction.

Callie has created and facilitated leadership development workshops for physicians, allied healthcare professionals and healthcare leaders. She helps organizations to create a culture that leverages the strengths of individuals and optimizes team performance to improve patient care.




Dr. Lori A. Brotto, Director

Professor, Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of British Columbia, Executive Director, Women's Health Research Institute of BC

Dr. Lori Brotto is a Professor in the UBC Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and a Registered Psychologist in Vancouver, Canada.  She is the Executive Director of the Women's Health Research Institute of BC located at BC Women’s Hospital. Dr. Brotto holds a Canada Research Chair in Women's Sexual Health. She is the director of the UBC Sexual Health Laboratory where research primarily focuses on developing and testing psychological and mindfulness-based interventions for women with sexual desire and arousal difficulties and women with chronic genital pain. Dr. Brotto is an Associate Editor for the Archives of Sexual Behavior, has over 160 peer-reviewed publications, is the Sexual Health expert writer for the Globe and Mail, and is frequently featured in the media on topics related to sexuality. Her book, Better Sex Through Mindfulness: How Women Can Cultivate Desire is a trade book of her research demonstrating the benefits of mindfulness for women’s sexual concerns, by Greystone Publishing, released in April 2018. 

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Dr. Erica Harris, Director

Nationwide Inspirational Speaker, Seasoned Survivor, Retired Sports Chiropractor, Retired Kinesiologist

Dr. Erica Harris has long since been passionate about health and wellness. To the point she had established a successful career in that very arena as both a sports chiropractor and a kinesiologist. Dr. Harris had founded, owned, operated, and subsequently sold her own thriving multi-disciplinary clinic in the heart of West Point Grey. She loved inspiring others to attain their peak health status and she certainly preached by every measure.

While still nursing her youngest, she was diagnosed with what proved to be a very aggressive leukemia (A.M.L., acute myeloid leukemia). She did not respond to even the harshest of 24/7 chemotherapy regimens at our province’s largest hospital and was awarded a terminal prognosis of an expected 2-month survival. She was offered only palliative care moving forward. She now stands not only as the survivor of a terminal cancer prognosis but further as the humbled and honoured recipient of both a bone marrow transplant and subsequently a double lung transplant.   She also stands as the survivor of a multidrug resistant viral strain. On this path, she not only grew her wings but she learned to soar.

Dr. Harris now speaks on stages nationwide on the powers of resolve, resilience and fortitude. She has been invited to co-author an inspirational book to be launched in early 2019 sharing the silver linings of hardships. She shares the highest regard and gratitude for our great Canadian medical system. Dr. Harris serves as a source of inspiration and empowerment to all who hear her powerful message of hope.


Dr. Diane McIntosh, Director

Psychiatrist, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia

Dr. McIntosh graduated from Dalhousie University, where she completed an undergraduate degree in pharmacy before completing her medical school training and adult psychiatry residency. She is a clinical assistant professor at the University of British Columbia and has a busy private practice. She is extensively involved in continuing medical education programs to colleagues nationally and internationally, with a focus on rational pharmacology. She has a particular interest in the neurobiology of mood and anxiety disorders. Dr. McIntosh sits on the Board of Directors of CANMAT, the Canadian Network For Mood and Anxiety Treatments and the Advisory Board for CADDRA, the Canadian ADHD Research Association. She blogs about mental health issues for Huffington Post Canada.   

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Dr. Kian Shoaie Nia, Director

Physician, Researcher, Entrepreneur

Dr. Shoaie Nia completed his medical degree from Uppsala University in Sweden. He has over 10 years of experience in family medicine and is an authorized medical doctor in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Dr. Shoaie Nia completed his Ph.D. with honours at the faculty of surgery, department of ophthalmology in Valencia, Spain with a focus on the diabetic eye and genetics.

Alongside his medical and academic career, Dr. Shoaie Nia has founded several successful international companies. Among them a medical staffing company, an international student recruitment company and a comprehensive preventive health solution in Europe.



Claire Snyman, Director

Author, Speaker, Patient Advocate, Two Steps Forward

Claire Snyman is an author, blogger and advocate for patient and healthcare collaboration. She is passionate about inspiring people to put their health in their own hands. After her diagnosis with a non-malignant brain tumor and brain surgery, she realized the importance of partnering with her health care team and being her body’s own advocate.

Claire has developed a TEAM Approach for Empowering Patients, which helps people transition to being activated patients – ones who can collaborate effectively with their health care team. She recently spoke at TEDxStanleyPark 2018 and speaks at various other health-related conferences.  She is co-author of a collaborative patient-neurosurgeon scientific study and is currently in the initiation phase of a second study. Claire lives in Vancouver with her husband and son and in her spare time, you can find her out in nature, enjoying the beauty of Vancouver.


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Dr. Niamh Tallon, director

Clinical Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia, Fertility Specialist, Olive Fertility

Dr. Niamh Tallon received her medical training at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. She went on to complete a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Saskatchewan and then came to Vancouver to pursue a fellowship in Gynecologic Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (GREI) at the University of British Columbia.

In addition to having a busy private practice treating fertility at Olive Fertility Centre, Dr. Tallon is a Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC and actively involved in resident and medical student teaching. She works as part of a team of healthcare providers at the women’s reproductive health program, BCWH, dealing with early pregnancy complications.

Dr. Tallon’s special interest includes the impact of aging on fertility treatments and developing strategies to overcome this. She has co-authored a guideline for fertility preservation in reproductively aged women, and is passionate about empowering women with knowledge about their own reproductive health.

Dr. Tallon lives in Vancouver with her husband and 2 children. Her own fertility challenges have given her a special empathy and understanding of what her patients are going through.


Naz Taylor, Public Relations

Naz brings over 20 years of communication experience to the Zili CARE Board of Advisors, her career spanning across Canada and US from almost every category, including pharmaceutical, fashion and Hollywood entertainment, philanthropic, music industry, and government and stakeholder relations. She’s had the pleasure of working with a robust roster of previous clients, with a proven record for driving growth, leading-edge strategy, brand elevation and profile building.

Pulling from her unique background which includes growing up in Atlanta, Hong Kong, Japan, and Vancouver, Naz has a background in history, political science, religious studies, journalism, and applies a worldly approach to media and communications. 

From her beginnings as a writer, reporter and on-air host for Global Television in Western Canada, to a transition to behind the camera in the Public Relations industry in Toronto, Naz has a very broad range of experience from which to draw.

From working in TO as a communications consultant at a high profile media firm to working in-house at the CBC Television Network as the lead publicist for non-scripted properties including Hockey Night in Canada, The Hour with George Stroumboulopolous and the Dragon’s Den, she gained invaluable knowledge and experience while building on her passion for media and navigating the inner workings of the industry.

After 8 years on the East Coast, Naz returned to Vancouver and launched a Public Relations boutique working with clients from across the country including a renowned pastry café and chef, an entertainment law firm, and a world leading search engine.

Naz is a mother of two, passionate about her family, health, wellness, and continually finds herself inspired by traditional and new media, and its wide spread ability to influence change and positivity globally.

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Stephanie Fowler, Secretary

Stephanie completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and PR Certificate from Simon Fraser University.

She recently completed a contract with the Canadian Space Agency and currently freelances communication support to several Vancouver based businesses.

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