About Dr. Maryam Zeineddin


Dr. Maryam Zeineddin earned her medical degree from the University of British Columbia in 2003. She is a co-owner and family physician at Ambleside Medical Centre in West Vancouver where she has a full practice with interest in all facets of family medicine, including preventative health and lifestyle counseling. 

She is an avid teacher and clinical instructor for the UBC Family Practice Residency programs, has been on the faculty for the UBC Coastal program, and continues to present and teach to medical students and residents of UBC.

She is actively involved in promoting universal health care with family physicians at the forefront of the Canadian healthcare system. She is a board member at the BC College of Family Physicians and recently received her Fellowship in the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

As a full time working mother, Maryam realizes the importance of affording herself the same consideration and kindness she advocates for her female patients. She studies Compassionate Inquiry with Dr. Gabor Maté, an approach to help soften the effects of repressed fear and pain, and practises mindfulness and meditation regularly herself.